This site was created to work as a directory of sorts for artists of all disiplines and at the same time create a global work of art online. Art World Tapestry is meant to be for artists of all types (dancers, musicians, actors, videographers, animators,) that includes artisans (weavers, potters, glass work, etc), crafters, even creative professionals, gallery owners (allowed multiple images), etc. As a visual directory it will provide a link to each contributor's web site to further expose their own unique talent/space to a world audience. Just imagine this page growing full of little patches of artwork from around the world. It is free to join, however, even a small donation will help in the maintenance of the site and may help pay for producing a book in the future. Please consider taking part in a bit of internet history (to date I haven't seen a site that is attempting the same thing - if you have, let me know!) Join the "art tap" and spread the word!



Recently Art WOrld Tapestry and a few of my other sites were HACKED!
Until I resolve some issues with my hosting site, you can join by contacting me (see below)


If you want to join Art WOrld Tapestry please contact me at




image size: please at least 300 pixels wide, 5M size limit



When you send me your information and your image, you will become part of the tapestry and get at least one image on the homepage, a link to your own pop-up window that contains your whole uncropped image, a statement about your work/mission (max. 200 words), and a link to another web site that you provide (this is optional). You can submit as little or as much contact info that you like. This site will be posted until January 2016, or beyond. Submissions to this site could end without notice. Your information will usually be added to the Tapestry within 72 hours of submission. Art World Tapestry on Facebook will announce when someone joins Art World Tapestry and show the artwork they submitted.


Include a"special request" when joining if you have a preference on how your image should be cropped for the Tapestry, and I will try to follow your instruction. I will use my discretion on placement of the images and how they move around. Don't be surprised if there is more than one block with your artwork. Don't be surprised if your blocks move around. The blocks will shuffle around as images are added.


For me this is a personal art project of global proportions. This will be the cyber installation to top all cyber installations! Please join up now and be part of the "art tap"!


Whether you decide to join or not, please consider putting a link to on your site.


Thanks for visiting, come back often to watch the Tapestry grow! Feel free to donate if you like this idea and want to support it.



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